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Film-Free Waterslide Silver (laser)

price per A4 sheet
NOTE: requires a laminator
Sales price R65.00
Sales price without tax R56.52

Step 1:

  • print the image as it is (NOT a mirror image) on coating paper
  • print on the glossy side
    • paper properties: label paper (175g or above)
    • paper loading: manual (multi-purpose tray)
    • colour options: print in black and white

Step 2:

  • place the metallic film on top of the printout with the grey side of the film facing down
  • glue the top of edge of the film so that the film doesn't move inside the machine
  • feed the overlapping papers through the pre-heated laminating machine twice (1st time to adhere to surface, 2nd time to achieve full transfer)
    • laminating temperature: 85C, speed: lowest possible
    • we recommend a laminating machine with 6 rollers that can also control temperature and speed

Step 3:

  • carefully separate the film from the decal

Step 4:

  • place the blue paper on top of the glossy side of the white coating paper with the metallic side of the blue paper facing down
  • feed the papers through the pre-heated laminating machine
  • laminating conditions same as above

Step 5:

  • dab the blue decal with water and wait 40-50 secs. once the paper starts to separate, slowly slide to remove

Step 6:

  • cut out the image

Step 7:

  • place the cut out image in a bowl of water for 3-5 seconds. Take out the wet decal and leave it for 30-60 seconds
  • use warm water in winter as cold water could compromise adhesion

Step 8:

  • apply glue W1 on the surface of interest with a brush

Step 9:

  • mount the wet decal face down and press firmly to ensure adherence
  • gently peel off the backing paper

Step 10:

  • once the decal is in the right spot, spread evenly and remove the wrinkles
  • dab out the excess moisture

Step 11:

  • hair dryer
    • heat for 2-3 mins, start at low heat then switch to high heat
    • if any air bubbles form, press to release
  • microwave
    • heat for 3-4 mins, one object at a time (e.g. mug)
  • oven
    • heat for 10-20 mins in the preheated oven at 100C
    • if you wish to dry multiples at once, heat for more than 1hr

Step 12:

  • once completely dry, peel off the final film with fingertips or a craft knife, be careful not to make scratches as the ink is still weak.
  • clean off any remaining glue around the decal with tissues or cloth dabbed in alcohol. Ink does not dissolve in alcohol

Step 13:

  • bake in the oven
    • at 120-150C for more than 30 mins
    • at 180-220C for more than 10 mins
    • if you are putting in more than one project, bake longer


  • hand-wash the product using a soft sponge
  • do not place in hot water for too long as this could weaken the ink
  • do not use inflammable thinner, alcohol or acetone to wash the product




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