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Film-Free Waterslide Clear (laser)

price per A4 sheet
requires Film-free glue (sold separately)
Sales price R32.00
Sales price without tax R27.83

Step 1:

  • print image on glossy side of decal paper
  • Reverse image
  • Print settings: glossy heavy weight paper (120-185g), maximum photo resolution.

Step 2:

  • cut out image
  • leave 2-3mm of margin

Step 3:

  • place the cut out image in a bowl of water for around 3-5 seconds. Take out the wet decal and leave it for 30-60 seconds.
  • use warm water in winter as cold water could compromise adhesion.

Step 4:

  • apply glue on the surface of interest (Type A - Glue W1 - heat dry - good for glossy, smooth surface)

Step 5:

  • mount the wet decal face down and press firmly to ensure adherence
  • gently peel off the backing paper

Step 6:

  • once the decal is in the right spot, spread evenly and remove the wrinkles.
  • dab out the excess moisture.

Step 7:

  • dry:
    • hair dryer: heat for 2-3 mins, start at low heat then switch to high heat. If any air bubbles form, press to release
    • microwave: heat for 3-4 mins, 1 object at a time
    • oven: heat for 10-20 mins in the preheated oven at 100C. If you wish to dry multiples at once, heat for more than 1hr.

Step 8:

  • once completely dry, peel off the final film with fingertips or a craft knife, be careful not to make scratches as the ink is still weak.
  • clean off any remaining glue around the decal with tissue or cloth dabbed in alcohol. Ink does not dissolve in alcohol.
  • you can remove the decal with acetone if you wish to restore.

Step 9:

  • heating in the oven at 200-250C for 10-20 mins will strengthen the decal.
  • for extra gloss and strength, use pre-polycoated product. it can be done by dipping, spraying or painting.



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