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Printable (inkjet) Sticker - White Glossy A4

A4 sheet, Self Adhesive Vinyl Glossy
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Sales price without tax R13.91

This is Self Adhesive Vinyl with a glossy finish.

It has a special and unique high-resolution surface coating that produce photo quality prints with vibrant colours.

Ink dries quickly and produced prints will not smudge or get destroyed by moisture or even when totally submerged in water.

The product is primarily for indoor use, but it can also be for outdoor up to 3 months if printed with pigmented inks.

The product has permanent adhesives, which stick just about to any smooth and clean surface.

It is advisable that the product will get tested for adhesion to a specific substrate before usage.

It is compatible with all inkjet and bubblejet printers such as HP, Epson, Encad, Canon, Kodak Lexmark, Olivetti, etc.

For all types of original water based inks (dye, pigmented, ultra-chrome, K3, vivera).


Physical properties:

Weight (Total) [gsm]                                         335 g/m2

Thickness (Total) [microns]                                270

Thickness (w/o release liner) [microns]             130

Adhesion strength glass [N/25mm]                    14



Window signage

indoor and outdoor applications

bumper stickers

shower signs


Key features:

high gloss

quick drying

high colour brilliance

permanent water based glue

no optical brightness


Discounted prices automatically applied for 10+ or 50+ sheets