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We accept the following payment options:

  1. EFT (preferred) into our ABSA account (use your Order # as reference)
  2. Pay by cash or use your credit card when collecting from us in Pretoria (call immediately before collecting)
  3. Deposit cash at an ABSA branch or ATM into our ABSA account (you must pay ABSA deposit fees as per their fees schedule)
  4. Card payments using your debit or credit card via PayFast
  5. International payments (any additional charges must be for your account)
  6. PayPal payments - extra usd conversion charges apply
  7. Cheque deposits - we do not accept cheque deposits

Pay as per the payment method selected for your order.

If you pay by another method, there can be additional charges for your account eg a cash deposit attracts a R45 minimum charge.

Party Lights CC
ABSA savings a/c 9127233595

Electronic code 632005
Use your order # as reference

Proof of payment not considered/required. We do not respond to requests of proof of payment notifications - instead, we use our time to process orders.


Additional info for INTERNATIONAL payments: 

Bank address: Brooklyn Mall Shopping Centre
                        E7, S305, L3, Veale & Fehrsen Street
Branch name:  Brooklyn Mall
Swift code:      ABSAZAJJ


Do not pay into our account unless you have an online Order #.

See here for Refund policy.


 081 487 0763 



Collect in Waterkloof Ridge, Pretoria

(only with an online order number)