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  • Shop-N-Scrap (SNS) guarantees all products to be original and genuine new products from the respective manufacturers. 
  • It is your responsibility to research if the product will meet your needs, before you buy it from us.
  • It is your responsibility to download and install the latest software version for your machines (as applicable). Do not do a firmware update yourself - if the manufacturer suggests such an update, ensure you have a stable internet connection before attempting it.
  • We are happy to refund, repair or replace (where possible) any item which is defective within 6 months of purchase, on condition that a valid receipt is provided, and that the goods have not been deliberately or negligently damaged. The guarantee applies to all goods against manufacturer’s defects and as per respective manufacturer’s warranties.
  • Fair use policy - we will refund pro-rata of the full amount, for the time the product was successfully used. eg If you buy a R6000 machine in March, with a 6 month guarantee, and it becomes defective in July, we will calculate the refund amount based on three months of useful usage (April, May and June), and base the refund calculation on 50% (3 of the 6 months) successful usage. You need to notify us in writing asap of any defects, so we can assist in troubleshooting, and logging of the defect date.


  • We generally do not accept returns if the correct item has been shipped to you.
  • Before you return the item(s) to us, email us to state the problem. Most problems can be resolved directly through the manufacturer's website (we will email the links to the respective manufacturer's Troubleshooting guides). If the manufacturer is unable to rectify by email/telephone, only then will we request the history of troubleshooting attempts, and ask you to return the item to us.
  • In the event that one of your items are faulty/damaged, we will require evidence of the damaged item via email. We may also require you to return the items to us for assessment. We will offer a replacement or credit towards your next online order.
  • You will be responsible for shipping costs to return the item(s) to us (in RSA). Here is an optional link to book your own courier requirements www.xoc.co.za
  • NOTE: we do not accept returns on sheets sold separately. If you are unsure whether a product will suit your needs we suggest you buy one to test.


  • We require a reasonable time to assess the product for defects.
  • If found to be a manufacturer’s defect, SNS will ship the repaired product back to the customer free of charge (within RSA only).
    • Customers must use the products within the limits and purpose for which the product was intended.
    • If the item is out of warranty or other servicing is required, a free quotation will be provided before any repairs are undertaken.


  • For paid orders (but not yet shipped), we reserve the right to charge an admin fee (minimum R50), and re-stocking fee (approx 20% of the item value).
  • We suggest you rather use the credit towards a future purchase.


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